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Shared Respect: we all have the right to be respected. ABCFP staff are respectful in their engagement and communication, and expect the same in return from all those that contact us.

Operating Principles
: as an organization, ABCFP staff and volunteers strive to provide processes, services and make decisions in a manner that is fair, objective and transparent. 

Mailing Address:

Association of BC Forest Professionals
602-1281 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC, V6E 3J7






Business Hours:

8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Monday to Friday

Receptionist's Hours:

10:30 am to 4:30 pm
Monday to Friday

Have a Concern or Complaint?

About an ABCFP business policy or service?  To submit a concern about a business policy or service provided by the ABCFP, contact the chief executive officer

About an ABCFP staff member?  To raise a concern about the conduct of a member of the ABCFP staff team, contact the chief executive officer; if regarding the CEO, contact the president of ABCFP Council.

About a forest practice? 

  • Practice or conduct of a forest professional: the ABCFP investigates all allegations of unprofessional conduct or improper practice of professional forestry by forest professionals; to file a complaint about a registrant of the ABCFP, see our Submitting a Complaint page.
  • Forestry practices of companies or other entities: these type of concerns can be brought forward to the Forest Practices Board, an independent agency of the BC provincial government; reports of an alleged natural resource violation can also be made by contacting FrontCounterBC.
  • Forest management policy: concerns about the laws and rules guiding forest management should be brought forward to the BC Ministry of Forests, which is responsible for the legislation and policy related to forest management in BC. 

Specific Inquiries

Contact the individuals listed below to find out more about specific business services delivered by ABCFP staff. If you can't find the topic listed, use our general contact email or call our office.

Topic Contact
ABCFP Council Garnet Mierau, RPF
Accounts Payable/Receivable   Julia He
Ph: 604.331.2330  
Address Changes

Ph: 604.687.8027

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Application, Enrolment and Registration

Sydney Kucera  
Ph: 604.639.8102

Association Governance Christine Gelowitz, RPF
Ph: 604.331.2323
BC Forest Professional Magazine   Cheryl Waddell 
Ph: 604.639.8103 
Communications (general)  Dean Pelkey
Ph: 604.331.2321 
Complaints against a registrant (submit)
Casey Macaulay, MA, RPF
Ph: 778.471.1950  
Complaints and Discipline Status and Tracking Janine Jivani
Ph: 604-335-3302
Continuing Professional Development (CPD Troy Lee
Ph: 250.902.8715 
Credential (competency) Assessment Process and Special Permits
Conrad Malilay
Ph: 604.331.2329

Education/Career Fairs

Cheryl Waddell
Phone: 604.639.8103

Education Standards
Casey Macaulay, MA, RPF
Ph: 778.471.1950
ForesTrust Nathan Doidge, CGA, CPA
Ph: 604.331.2322

Forestry Conference and Annual General Meeting

Dean Pelkey 
Ph: 604.331.2321

Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection   Nathan Doidge, CGA, CPA
Ph: 604.331.2322 
Infringement of Reserved Forestry Practice   Casey Macaulay, MA, RPF
Ph: 778.471.1950 
Job Postings  Mike Hall
Ph: 604.639.9186 
Learning Management System (LMS) Support  Samantha Dadd
Ph: 604.331.2327 
Media Contact Dean Pelkey
Ph: 604.331.2321 


Christine Gelowitz, RPF
Ph: 604.331.2323

Practice Advisory Program for Registrants

Mike Larock, RPF
Ph: 604.331.2324

Registrant Audit Program Paul Nuttall, RPF
Ph: 604.331.2326
Registrant Awards Program

Paul Nuttall, RPF
Ph: 604.331.2326

Registration Renewal

Julia He
Ph: 604.331.2330

Social Media

Dean Pelkey
Ph: 604.331.2321

Sponsor Program

Sydney Kucera  
Ph: 604.639.8102

Standards of Professional Practice and Conduct  Mike Larock, RPF
Ph: 604.331.2324 
Status Changes Sydney Kucera  
Ph: 604.639.8102 

Website Administration

Mike Hall
Ph: 604.639.9186