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Registered Forest Technologists

Registered Forest Technologists (RFTs) are important members of the forestry team. They specialize in on-the-ground fieldwork and perform technical forestry functions in areas such as silviculture, forest protection, forest operations and forest measurements. RFTs do a wide variety of jobs with an emphasis on stand level issues, practical skills and operating within established guidelines.

"As a Registered Forest Technologist, you can get paid
to play with dirt (soil analysis), slosh in streams (stream assessments),
and hug trees (tree measurements)."
Greg Jonuk, RFT

Job Options
The following list of job titles is a sample of the diverse and varied jobs available to Registered Forest Technologists:

Forestry Crewperson
Cruising Coordinator
Forest Health Officer
Planning Technologist
Silviculture Technologist
Research Technologist
  Tenures Technologist
Environmental Technologist
Field Technologist
Compliance & Enforcement Technologist
Harvesting Technologist

"An adventurous career which allows me to experience
the awesome magnificence of nature…that is what I love about forestry
and why I love going to work. "
Heather Rice, RFT


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