ABCFP Registration Application

Read the information on this page in its entirety before you complete the application. When you are ready to apply, scroll to the bottom right corner of this page and click the 'next' button. You'll be prompted to create an account or sign in.

Confirm eligibility

You need meet the eligibility requirements before you apply for registration. Review the 'Routes of Entry' section of the applicable 'Become a Registrant' page of our website to confirm if you are eligible.  

 Become a Registrant

Enrolment Program 

Registered Professional Forester

Forester in Training or Allied Science Forester in Training

Registered Forest Technologist 

Trainee Forest Technologist or Allied Science Trainee Forest Technologist

Natural Resource Professional

Trainee Natural Resource Professional

Application checklist

You will need to prepare the following before you begin this application.

Official Transcripts

You must have your post-secondary transcripts mailed directly from the issuing institution to the ABCFP.  Be prepared to enter the date you requested your transcripts in the application form. A transcript or letter is only accepted if it is:

  1. An original document issued by the relevant academic institution in a sealed envelope. Transcripts must be mailed directly to the ABCFP by the issuing academic institution.  If you attended an academic institution outside Canada, you may also be required to submit a comprehensive evaluation of your transcripts. Please contact the registration department for further guidance in this regard before continuing with this application.
  2.  States that your degree or diploma has been granted.  If you are a recent graduate, check with the institution to determine whether your diploma/degree granted will be listed on the transcripts. Typically this takes place after convocation or after you formally apply for graduation. If they are not yet available, ask the institution to send a direct email to confirming completion of your diploma/degree requirements so we can proceed with your application. Once the official transcripts are available with this information, you must have the institution mail them directly to the ABCFP.

Transcripts should be mailed to:

Registration Dept.
Assn. of BC Forest Professionals
602 - 1281 W. Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC  V6E 3J7

Tip: To minimize delays in the processing of your application, request your transcripts immediately. It can take three to four weeks to receive them.  If they are received before your application is submitted, we will keep them on file for six months.

Resume or Work History

Be prepared to upload a current resume which includes all of your forestry related work and volunteer experience. If you do not have a resume, please use our work history form.

Sponsor and Articling Agreement

You must find a sponsor before you start completing this membership application. For information on who can be a sponsor and/or how to find a sponsor, please read the 'Articling Requirements' section of the applicable Become a Registrant page of our website. You must also read Articling Procedures, which outline the articling requirements, roles, and responsibilities of you and your sponsor. Be prepared to provide the name of your sponsor and complete the articling agreement.


Be prepared to pay the required fees. There are two fees that must be submitted at the time of application. Read the registration application fees procedures for specific details and information on refund procedures.





Enrolment Fee

$1050 (GST included)

Must be submitted in full at the time of application.
A monthly payment plan is available if required.

Processed when you apply for registration.

Annual Registration Fee

See fee schedule for applicable amount.
Fees are abated through the year. 

Must be submitted in full at the time of application.

Processed after your application is approved by council.


Application Approval Process

See the application process chart for an overview of the application approval process. We'll send you an email once your application has been reviewed. 

Questions: Contact the registration department at or 604.331.2327.  

Note: The information in this application is collected by the ABCFP under the authority of the Professional Governance Act and ABCFP Bylaws and will be used to assess your application for registration. Should you have any questions, contact the registration manager.

Association of BC Forest Professionals
602-1281 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC  V6E 3J7
Phone: 604.331.2329